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EMDR Therapy 
pART i & PART ii 

Amber Stiles-Bodnar is a senior faculty member, trainer and Approved Consultant with The Institute for Creative Mindfulness.  As of August 1, 2015, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is listed as a provider of trainings in EMDR Therapy by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).  You may view our listing on the EMDRIA website as an official training provider by clicking here. Completion of our full training program is a first step in eligibility toward becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist through EMDRIA.  Read further to learn more about the EMDR foundational training and the overall process.


The Institute for Creative Mindfulness maintains responsibility for this program and its content and is an approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  

About Our Training Program

Curriculum designed by Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, RMT

Discovered by Dr. Francine Shapiro, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is one of the most researched and utilized methods in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other forms of human distress connected to trauma.  Completing our full training approved by EMDRIA is a multi-tiered process, consisting of:

  • Part I Training (3 Days=21 total hours of Lecture and Practicum): Day 1 of the training course covers the foundational material that you will need on trauma, specifically discussed through the adaptative information processing model (AIP), that you will need to competently deliver EMDR Therapy. By the end of the day you will also see a live demonstration in EMDR Therapy. Day 2 of the course takes you into specific study of EMDR Therapy Phases 1-2, generally seen as the phases of foundation and stabilization. By the end of the day you will be practicing these phases in your practicum sessions under supervision. Decision-making about moving into Phases 3-6 is also discussed, and an overview of the remaining Phases of EMDR is presented in lecture. In Day 3 you will practice Phases 3-8 of EMDR Therapy under supervision in your practicum sessions, which compose the bulk of the day. You will also receive introductory instruction for dealing with abreactions in EMDR Therapy, effectively working with dissociation, and discuss the next steps for your training and consultation development in EMDR. 


View the timed outline.

  • Part II Training (3 Days=21 total hours of Lecture and Practicum):  Day 4 of the training focuses on ethical practice, learning about interweaves, and working with abreaction and dissociation in more complex scenarios. By the end of Day 4, participants will have had a chance to practice supervised implementation of some of these techniques. Day 5 instructs participants on specific protocols/targeting sequences, best practices with special populations and clinical situations, accessing of specialty resources and protocols for variously noted populations, and appropriate use of modifications (according to the EMDRIA definition of EMDR). By the end of Day 5, participants will experience supervised practice of targeting sequences/protocol for identified special populations/situations. In Day 6 participants will review the neurobiology of trauma, present a clinical case study through the EMDR Therapy/AIP framework, complete supervised practice of practice elements, discuss the characteristics of a strong EMDR therapist, and develop a plan for continued consultation.


 View the timed outline.

 For a full description of the training program and daily         objectives, please click here.

  • 10 Hours of Consultation:  Spread out into two segments of 5 hours following each part of the training, working with an EMDRIA-approved consultant either in an individual or group format is essential to your practical skill building as an EMDR therapist.  Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Training in EMDR Therapy may be awarded.


To learn more about consultation, click here.

  • Continuing Education: The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is approved by the following organizations to offer 21 continuing education (CE) credit hours for this course:       

       - State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker,
       and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

       - American Psychological Association

      - EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
Click here to view full approval information.


  • Successful completion of this program constitutes completion of the foundational training program in EMDR Therapy, and allows you to practice EMDR Therapy within your clinical scope of practice.  Earning the EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist distinction requires additional training and consultation you may complete with us or another party if you wish to go on for this distinction.

To submit consultation verification, please fill out this form.

Costs, Fees, Logistics,

Eligibility & informed consent

  • Training fees: Please refer to our schedule for the posted fees for each training.  The costs of each session differ depending on location and part of training.  At this time, we are not able to offer combined discounts for registering for both parts at one time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Payments accepted: major credit cards and checks.  Your registration is not confirmed until payment is received.

  • Consultation fees:  The trainee is responsible for arranging and paying for their 10 hours of supplementary consultation.  At the initial training level you are required to use one our consultants to complete your consultation. Our team members' fees vary depending on their availability and geographical location. At the initial training level, all consultation hours may be met through group consultations. You will receive more information on booking consultation at the Part I training. Tele/video-conferencing is available for trainees and all consultation hours may be completed via tele/video-conferencing.

  • Payment & Refund: Spaces for each training are very limited since we have to maintain a low attendee-to-faculty ratio (10:1 for practicum).  Thus, payment is required at the time of registration to confirm your spot.  We keep a waitlist if the training is closed.  For timeframes to complete our training program & our refund policy, see FAQs. 

  • Eligibility to take the training:  (a) Masters or doctoral degree in a clinical mental health-related field (e.g., counseling, marriage & family therapy, social, psychology) required.  Although it is not required, it is strongly preferred that you are in active clinical practice and working with clients; (b) Master's level students may be permitted to take the course if Amber Stiles-Bodnar receives a letter of recommendation from a faculty member ahead of time; (c) Medical professionals (e.g. nurses, physicians) may also be eligible to take the course if they possess a clinical master's or doctorate degree and if their primary specialty is within mental health.  In these three specialty scenarios, prior approval is required from Amber Stiles-Bodnar; (d) Chemical dependency professionals with a master's degree or higher may also be eligible to take the course.  Pastoral/Christian counselors, art/music/dance therapists may also be eligible if they can show sufficient clinical content on their Master's level transcripts.  In these three specialty scenarios, prior approval is required from Amber Stiles-Bodnar; (e) in the cases of all of these special circumstances, all cases must be made in writing with supporting documentation directly to Amber Stiles-Bodnar.  You can send your request to:

Frequently asked questions



Do you offer scholarships or payment plans for your training program?

Amber Stiles-Bodnar is part of ICM's scholarship program. For more information click here.


Payment plans are offered on a casy by case basis.


Our training program is offered at approximately half the price of other EMDRIA-approved training options currently on the market. Although the Institute for Creative Mindfulness is considered a private training organization, our prices are comparable to the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs. Although our training fees do not include consultation, we offer you the option of choosing your consultant, thus choosing how much you spend on the 10 consultation hours required in your training.

Will I be able to do EMDR Therapy with my clients after Part I?

Yes, with certain clients. Your trainer and small group facilitators will help you determine which clients will be the best fit for starting EMDR Therapy. It is a common misconception that you aren't able to use EMDR until the whole training is completed.

Why do your trainings have different prices?

We work to keep our prices as low as possible by working with facilities who will offer us discounted prices. Additionally, travel for our faculty also adds to cost. As a result, we can offer some training at lower prices than others.

Amber provides an At-Home Discount for trainings held at her private practice, Blue Star Family Counsleing Services.


If you register for a training and choose to transfer to a different date or location that has a lower cost, refunds of the difference are not provided.

I am interested in EMDR Therapy training but I'm not sure that it's for me. Is there somewhere I can listen to Dr. Jamie first to learn a little more about it?

Listen to this COMPLIMENTARY teleseminar recording on EMDR Therapy with Dr. Jamie hosted by our friends at The Breathe Network. You can access the recording by clicking HERE. The Breathe Network also conducted an interview with Dr. Jamie about EMDR which you can access by clicking HERE.

Is finishing the foundational training in EMDR Therapy the same as being certified?

No. You will receive a Certificate of Training after successful completion of Parts I & II and your required consultation. At that point, you may refer to yourself as a "EMDR Trained Therapist." If you complete only Part I, you may cite that you have "partial training" or "some training" in EMDR Therapy. Many competent EMDR therapists practice EMDR Therapy with only the Certificate of Training. This is completely acceptable and generally ethical. In our view, the best ethical safeguard is to make sure that some of your continuing education for the rest of your career is directly connected to EMDR Therapy if you're going to continue to use it. After completion of our foundational Training Program in EMDR Therapy, you are eligible to begin the optional process for applying to be a Certified EMDR Therapist through the EMDR International Association. For more information on that process, click HERE.

I registered and then something came up: Am I eligible for a refund?

If you need to cancel and we receive your cancellation in writing (email is fine) 2 weeks prior to the training, you are eligible for a full refund less a $25.00 administrative processing fee. If you no-show, you are not eligible for a refund of any kind unless documentation of medical or similar emergencies can be provided within one week after the training ends. In the case of inclement weather, should we cancel the training, your registration would simply be moved to our reschedule date. If the reschedule date isn't available for you we can offer you another date or entertain your request for a refund. If you decide to cancel your trip due to weather and we are still having the training, the best we can offer is to move your training registration to the next available training. All other situations handled on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation between two weeks and one week of the training merits a half refund. All refunds, full and partial, are subject to a $25.00 administrative fee. If you cancel within a week of the training the best we can offer is a half credit towards a future training with Amber Stiles-Bodnar. If you terminate your training or need to leave it early for any reason, you are not eligible for a refund. Attendance at the entire training is required for our program to remain compliant with EMDRIA standards. Please see us with any questions on this policy or for questions about how you can make up missed segments of the training.

If you choose to reschedule your training to a later date, we will allow for one transfer. If you are not able to attend the training you rescheduled for, your registration fee will be forfeited and you will be required to pay an additional registration fee if you wish to continue with a future training. Rescheduling requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the training. Any requests for rescheduling with less than two weeks notice will be considered a cancelation and the above policy will apply.

I took a Part I EMDR training with another provider. Can I finish Part II with your program?

We evaluate these situations on a case by case basis. Generally the answer is yes as long as you can provide verification of your Part I training with the other provider. We do ask you to complete all 10 of your consultation hours with us, including 4-6 of those hours before your Part II training as a refresher and so that you can get acquainted with our training program and style.

If I take Part I in your program can I finish Part II and consultation in another approved program?

This would be the decision of the other program in question. We cannot make any guarantees.

Can I complete my supplementary consultation requirement with any EMDRIA-approved consultant?

No. During your foundational training we require that you complete your supplementary consultation with one of our approved consultants on the Institute for Creative Mindfulness team.

Do I have to complete consultation between Part 1 & Part 2 or can it wait until both trainings are over?

We recommend that you take 4-6 hours of consultation (available in groups or individually) between your Part 1 & 2 training to ensure getting the most out of the Part 2. If for some reason you are not able to complete any consultation between Part 1 & Part 2 you are still allowed to take the Part 2, there will be more catch-up work to be completed afterwards and you may not receive full benefit from the Part 2 training.


Do you offer continuing education for my profession?

The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is approved by the following organizations to offer 21 continuing education (CE) credit hours for this course:       

       - State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker,
       and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

       - American Psychological Association

      - EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
Click here to view full approval information.

What do you suggest that I do in preparation for the training?

If you are interested in getting some preliminary reading done before the training, we've prepared a guideline to the books we recommend as part of our training, including notes on when best to read each resources. There are several that are useful for you to read in preparation for the training and others that you will be able to best comprehend after the various phases of your training. See our recommended reading list by clicking here.

I am traveling from out of town to take the training. What airport do I fly into and where can I stay?

Our Cortland, Ohio training location is almost equal distance between the Pittsburgh International Airport, and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Either would be a good option. A smaller, non-major airport located near by is The Akron/Canton airport. It appears closer on a map, but is about the same driving distance as the two major airports listed above. Listed below are some hotel accommodations near our Cortland Training facility.


Residence Inn
Hampton Inn
Fairfield Inn
Holiday Inn Express

Avalon Inn & Resort

If you are attending a training outside of Cortland, OH please contact to be put in contact with out local sponsor for travelling information.

What do I do if I lose my frameable wall EMDR Therapy Foundational Training certificate.

Replacement documents (certificates of completion, CE verification, wall certificates, etc.) can be replicated in the event they are lost or unavailable. Amber Stiles-Bodnar Consulting reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of $10 per document for replacement if the request is over 30 days from when the document was originally issued. Please email us at with any questions or concerns.

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The EMDR training was enlightening to learn a way to address trauma in a less intrusive manner for the client & clinician. To work with the body is phenomenal. 

I loved the psychoeducation of the brain and learning the neuroscience of trauma. I felt supported by the trainers and I know this will assist me in helping clients with complex trauma.

This is an invaluable training that has completely changed my perspective on trauma-informed care. 

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