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Do you need 10 hours of consultation to complete your EMDR Therapy Training requirement?

Do you want to become an EMDRIA Certified Clinician?

Or do you just want more information and support when doing EMDR work? 

Functions of Consultation (According to EMDRIA Training Standards)

•Use of EMDR therapy within a structured treatment plan 

•Application of the standard EMDR Therapy procedural steps 

•Case conceptualization and target selection 

•Client readiness including inclusion, exclusion, and cautionary criteria for EMDR therapy 

•Client safety and effective outcomes using the standard EMDR Therapy procedural steps 

•Integration of EMDR Therapy into therapist’s existing clinical setting 

•Specific application of skills

•Consultation is about real cases and not experiences that occur in practicum




EMDR Therapy trainees are responsible for arranging and paying for their 10 hours of supplementary consultation.  Trainees are to complete the 10 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant or Consultant-In-Training listed with Amber Stiles-Bodnar Consulting or ICM. Usually 4-6 hours are completed between the Part I and Part II trainings, with the remainder done after completing Part II. All of these hours may be done in a group setting via teleconferencing. Upon finishing the tenth hour, trainees submit documentation of consultation hours to their Part II trainer who records their completion and issues a "Certificate of Completion”.

You have ONE YEAR (12 months) from your initial start date (the date of your Part I training) to complete all of the training requirements, this includes the required 10 hours of supplementary consultation, in order for you to receive your Certificate of Training in EMDR Therapy from Amber Stiles-Bodnar Consulting. Exceptions may be granted only in extreme circumstances (e.g., a humanitarian crisis, illness, or injury).

ALL hours of consultant required as part of your foundational EMDR Therapy training may be completed via group format. This is often recommended at the initial developmental stage of learning. Team members' fees vary depending on their availability, expertise and geographical location. Fees normally range from $225-$300 for 10 hours of group consultation. You may also choose to do individual consultant or a combination of group and individual consultation and cost of consultation would therefore be higher due to the one on one time with a consultant. If you prefer to receive your consultation from one or more consultant, you may. For more information about our Consultants, their specializations and fees, and to see a calendar of currently scheduled consultation groups, see the links below. The reason that we do not fold the cost of the consultation into the cost of the training is to give you access to all of our team members, not just a limited number who are connected to this training. To do this, it is easier for you to seek them out and to book them directly.



Many trained EMDR Therapists choose to continue their focus and specialization utilizing EMDR. For those, certification is the way to go. It is not required to become Certified in EMDR Therapy to practice EMDR however, many choose to do so.


EMDR Certification Process/Requirements: 

  • A minimum of 20 additional consultation hours (of those 20, 10 may be group). The initial 10 hours of consultation needed for the basic training cannot be included in this additional 20. This additional 20 is a minimum requirement, EMDRIA allows an Approved Consultant to require more if mastery and proficiency is not achieved at the 20-hour minimum.  

  • Documentation of independent license as a mental health professional in the state or province where you practice. You may obtain all of the requirements prior to becoming independently licensed and submit your application once independent licensure has been achieved. 

  • You must conduct 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 clients. 

  • Two letters of recommendation regarding their professional utilization of EMDR (if possible), ethics in practice, and professional character. These can be obtained from colleagues or peers. 

  • A letter of recommendation from one or more of their EMDRIA Approved Consultants (that you used for the consultation). 

  • Complete 12 hours of EMDRIA Approved Continuing Education. This is usually obtained through special topic courses and are all searchable on EMDRIA’s website

  • Read and verify on the application form that they agree to adhere to EMDRIA's association policies

  • There is a fee join EMDRIA and for the application submission. Joining EMDRIA Is $130/year and the certification application cost is $150, with a renewal every 2 years of $150.

  • For more information on becoming an EMDRIA Certified Therapis visit the EMDRIA Website.



  • Typically you need to pick one primary consultant that does the majority of your hours. In my agreement, the person doesn’t have to do all hours with me they just need to have done at least half so I am able to evaluate them and endorse them for certification. I also require that all of the hours they do with me can’t be group as I can’t individually evaluate someone with just group hours. I also need to have done some individual hours at the end of the process so I am evaluating a person accurately.

  • The certification process typically takes 18-24 months. I typically suggest a session (group or individual) monthly. Rotating back and forth between the two. I recommend starting with an individual session to help create an outline of the process, go over expectations of each other, etc..

  • I have a contract that outlines the process, as well as expectations you may have of me and that are expected of you.

  • Though it is about an 18 - 24 month process, EMDRIA allows 5 years. Completing this process in less than 12 months is rare as there needs to be time to develop mastery.  

  • Everything you do after completing your foundational EMDR Therapy training may count towards certification. It is recommended you begin to count client contact, session content (what phase of EMDR you did in that session), consultation hours and CEs you complete that have EMDRIA approval.


Have you finished your Foundational Basic Training and would like ongoing support? Did you become certified in EMDR and would like continued consultation? Are you not sure if you want to get certified but would still like extra support? Consultation is available to you via individual or group!

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